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Call the Diabetic Health Hotline

(800) 561-9985

If you are

*  Testing your blood sugar 4 or more times daily

* Injecting insulin 3 or more times daily

(or using insulin pump)

Learn about the latest CGM technology

* More Accurate

* Easier to use

* Better decisions 

Call Camp Lejeune Victims At (800) 599-8136    If

You spent time on base at Camp Lejeune, NC prior to 1988 and developed any of the following ….

Bladder Cancer , Liver Cancer, Hepatic Steatosis, Breast Cancer, Esophageal Cancer, Miscarriage, Kidney Cancer, Leukemia, Parkinson’s Disease, Lung Cancer, Multiple Myeloma, Renal Toxicity, Non Hodgkins, Aplastic Anemia, Schleroderma, Lymphoma, Cardiac Birth Defects

    Low Cost Airlines

    Call Now (800) 708-6548

    Prices DIRECT from the AIRLNES Fares Just Reduced Even More – Book Your Vacation/Holiday Travel plans and Save Even More



    Attention All Parents! If you used Tylenol or Acetaminophen during your pregnancy and your child was later diagnosed with Autism … 

    Call Liberty Legal At 

    (800) 583-2806 

    Emerging Lawsuits allege that manufacturers of Acetaminophen failed to perky warn pregnant women of the potential harm for their unborn children. 




      Annuity General

      Over 50? Would you like to get up to 33% more income in retirement?

      Call  for this Free Book ” Annuity Do’s & Don’ts for Baby Boomers”

      (800) 651-8670

      Secrets to Annuity Strategies in simple to understand terms to make the Right Choices and as a bonus! there is a Free Annuity Rate Report Both Absolutely FREE



      The Tax Doctor

      Call (800) 566-1154

      For a Tax Emergency Analysis

      Being Audited?

      Owe the IRS $10,000 or more in Back Taxes?

      Is the IRS threatening to take more of your money?

      Find out the Best resolution under the IRS Guidelines.

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      Experience Success

      about Us

      We are Active Duty, Reserivists, Veterans and other Armed Services organizations that are continuing our Service Oath for the Success of our Planet.


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      We are uploading new content with a focus on the Success of our Veterans, Familes, and their communities.


      Visit your Local VA Healthcare System, Service Organizations, Stay tuned as we build our Veteran Resource Links for other locations to assist you in your success.