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Improves Optical Clarity    

Even in Low Light!

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Features & Benefits

  • Amazing light-filtering technology
  • Lets you see clearly without any glare
  • Enhances colors for eagle-sharp vision
  • Can survive in even the harshest conditions
  • Inspired by sunglasses worn in the military





    THe Ulitmate Smart Charging Station

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    Introducing Spin Power™

    Spin Power™ is a smart charging station and a surge protector with four outlets and six smart USB ports. Keep power at your fingertips and rapidly charge up to 10 devices at the same time anywhere in your home. With Bell & Howell® Spin Power™, you’ll always have a charge. You’ll wonder how you lived without it!


    • Rapid smart charging technology charges devices in a flash
    • Optimal charging without battery stress
    • Surge protector with six outlets
    • 360-degree swivel design
    • Retractable cord reaches any outlet with ease
    • Vertical design easily fits plugs of all shapes and sizes

    Veteran Success TV


    Experience Success

    about Us

    We are Active Duty, Reserivists, Veterans and other Armed Services organizations that are continuing our Service Oath for the Success of our Planet.


    Movies, Series &

    Live Events

    We are uploading new content with a focus on the Success of our Veterans, Familes, and their communities.


    Visit your Local VA Healthcare System, Service Organizations, Stay tuned as we build our Veteran Resource Links for other locations to assist you in your success.